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Johnny Hickman

Tilting Songs and Reviews

The Songs of Tilting

1 Measure of a Man
2 Destiny Misspent
3 Not Enough
4 Dream Along With Me
5 Sick Cynthia Thing
6 Whittled Down
7 Our Little Movie
8 Papa Johnny’s Arms
9 Takin’ Me Back
10 Resurrection Train
11 Drunkard’s Epiphany
12 Another Road

Tilting Reviews

Rock Guitar Daily with Tony Conley
June 2012

Tilting is Johnny Hickman's second solo sojourn, a trip that sees the veteran songsmith/guitarist/singer weaving in and out of a wide variety of styles without ever forgetting where his roots lie. Recorded in Colorado with producer/engineer/multi-instrumentalist Jason Larson, the record is most definitely a modern affair - largely funded by friends, family, and fans via a very successful Kickstarter campaign, only to be instantly pirated by wretched download sites who somehow managed to get their hands on a promo copy. It is the best of times, it is the worst of times, it appears.

If you find yourself thinking that this disc harkens back to the genre jumping employed so successfully by the mid-period Beatles, you're not mistaken. Mind you, there's more than enough Cracker soul to keep his core constituency smiling (such as the album's excellent opening track, Measure of a Man), but there's also a smoky, sophisticated trip to French bistro music on the 'keep the home fires burning' Papa Johnny's Arms, which features a beautiful jazzy chord progression, a lovely Django-esque guitar solo, and some clever and warm wordplay.

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Brian T. Atkinson
June 2012

Johnny Hickman’s Tilting (due July 3) seamlessly matches socially conscious folk (“Measure of a Man”) against unbreakable power pop (“Taking Me Back”) and bluesy grooves (“Resurrection Train”). High watermarks offer equal measures heart (“Dream Along with Me”) and hook (“Our Little Movie”).

Hickman’s elegant new collection doubles down on his stellar solo debut Palmhenge (2005) with confirmation: The Cracker guitarist is a singular songwriter (“Whittled Down”) in his own right. Hickman recently answered questions about Tilting, this summer’s most adventurous and satisfying collection yet.

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